WAYNIUM softwares are both founded on 12 years of experience and collaboration with reputable companies in passenger transportation, which are recognized for their high level of service quality.

The french touch has made the reputation of many big French brands. We take inspiration from this, and as a result our services to provide and manage the activity and the cooperation between transportation companies, have been recognized by the industry bodies

The project’s objective is to gather together the elite people transport companies around the “WAYNIUM quality standard”.

This standard is not only founded on an innovative management system, but also on real time monitoring of services with four main objectives:

  • Prepare an exhaustive quotation, including terms and conditions
  • Prepare for each assignments with good organisation and anticipation
  • Complete the assignments with the true spirit of customer service
  • Comply with the quality control generated by the system, in real time !

The scoring

The quality of each completed assignment is evaluated on a set of criteria:

  • Either, directly generated by WAY-Corp, for example the chauffeur’s punctuality is verified by GPS
  • Or, evaluated by the customer: each cliient receives a quick and convenient satisfaction survey to complete
WAY-Corp is currently available in a beta version. In this first phase, the complete list of scoring list criteria has not yet been published. Because of its nature, WAY-Corp needs a period of time to evaluate range of quality of each partner’s business activity.
Important: the scoring of each subcontractor is exclusively available to the order givers, who are going to entrust assignments to the WAY-Corp network.