WAY-Corp is made up of reputable companies
with a big volume of work who want to preserve their brand image!

You are a professional in elite passenger transportation, and your company is committed to quality?

The order givers in the Waynium community will contact you to undertake qualified assignments, complying with their high quality expectations!

The WAY-Corp network guarantees for each of its subcontractors or order givers:

  • That their “scoring” * will match the level quality demanded by Waynium
  • Will comply with business ethics and respect the legal requirements of their country

* See page “quality standard” for more information about the scoring

What are the necessary criteria ?

Waynium controls the services provided in real time, according to 4 objectives:

  • Prepare an exhaustive quotation, including terms and conditions
  • Prepare for each assignment with good organisation and anticipation
  • Complete the assignments with the true spirit of customer service
  • Comply with the quality control generated by the system, in real time!

To comply with these objectives, and join the WAY-Corp network:
each transportation company must equip itself with the WAY-Plan software, which contains the whole set of collaborative services!

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