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0WAY-Meet of last 7 November 2019~^EN~^WAY-Meet du 7 Novembre 2019~^FR
WAY-Meet of last 7 November 2019

You were near 110 companies to have participated in the meeting! It was a pleasant moment for all of us, but also a great way to meet new business opportunities between partners. Keep in touch, all the details to be able to join the next event will be communicated 2 months before its launch.

1WAY-D, the Driver Application~^EN~^WAY-D l'App pour vos chauffeurs~^FR
WAY-D, the Driver Application

Geolocate your drivers! Find out the powerful App that will allow you to close out easier your billing and inform your customers and passengers in real time!

About Waynium

The project’s objective is to gather together the elite people transport companies around the “WAYNIUM quality standard”.

WAYNIUM software and services are founded on 15 years of experience and collaboration with reputable companies in passenger transportation, which are recognized for their high level of service quality.

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