Agence VIP Car is a ground transportation company based in Levallois-Perret, close to Paris and Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

Advice and personalised support of the clients are at the heart of the founding values of the company whom Pierre Lavenu is the sales manager, he is in charge of following-up the client files and the delivered services. He introduces his company and gives us his testimony about the contribution of WAYNIUM services in his daily organization.



The quality of services of the Grande Remise

"Agence VIP CAR was founded in 2002 with the Grande Remise values : the provision of professional chauffeurs for upscale transport services.

Over the years, the company grows but maintained the quality of services desired by the customers of Grande Remise companies. Our job is to transport people and especially to advise customers, thanks to a trilingual sales team (French, English and Russian), before even proposing a quotation for a transport or a tour.

Our upscale fleet is made up of sedans and a minibus of 16 places allowing private tours in Paris and in the Paris region for companies and for a touristic clientele coming from travel agencies. For these tours, our drivers are trained to show atypical locations, as close as possible to the customer’s wishes.

WAY-Plan is a very important tool because it makes our job easier

All information is directly accessible:

  • customer order files
  • pricing
  • the drivers' coordinates
  • the files of our partners

We have the possibility to send the roadmaps directly to the drivers after the dispatch is made and the WAY-D mobile app allow them to consult their schedule and the last minut changes on the jobs. This avoids sending multiple emails or SMS to drivers.

Billing is also part of WAY-Plan’s positive points

Before using WAY-Plan, we had to have the quotes on one side and the invoices on the other. Now, we make the quotes, we adjust the pricing and we edit the invoice directly to send it to the customer by email via the software, which avoids a lot of manipulations.

Invoices are always downloadable on the software, you don’t have to keep copies if you need to send a payment reminder to the customers.

WAY-Corp: an opportunity to develop the business

Ar the beginning, we were a little chilly to use WAY-Corp so we started with historical partners who were also on the network. Then we developed on WAY-Corp in places where we didn’t have partners. Indeed, it has enabled us to develop our network of partners.

The WAY-Corp network is an opportunity to develop business in two ways:

  • We can get requests from partners, other users of WAY-Corp, so we have more requests.
  • The network allows us to offer services in places where we are not physically based.

It is easier to work with WAY-Corp partners, the exchanges are easier if you are on the same network and speak with the same language. We enter the information into our software and the partner has directly all the information, the sharing of information is faster.

Afterwards, I recommend the software because we have a simplification of our tasks when we use it.

It is not difficult to promote a product when it is good quality.

What I appreciate in the relationship we have with the WAYNIUM team is availability and ease of access. We can call you, contact you by chat or email, we meet you regularly and this is one of the things we like to work with you for."

Thanks to Pierre and the Agence VIP Car Team for their welcoming. It is a pleasure to work in a partnership relation with a quality-based company. 

Immense gratitude for Bruno and his charming team who have enabled us to move from the Stone Age to the modern era.

Since we have been using the software, we are seeing an increase in the ratio of quotes to orders.