Based in Paris, our agency Paris Best Way has  been dedicated for more than 15 years to providing the best services in the field of ground private transport. Our goal is the satisfaction and loyalty of our French and international clientele, we strive to offer a service at the most attractive price/quality ratio in Paris.


It is the modern, interactive and responsive side of the Software that guided your choice to WAYNIUM.

You’ve thought about a lot of the details that are very complex, your experience with the people of the ground transportation companies has allowed you to better understand and respond to our needs while combining flexibility and dynamism.

The software is pleasant to use everywhere at the office, at home, during a trip : it is playful and fast. On a tablet or a phone, at any time we can access to it. It makes our day-to-day work a lot easier.

Time is money!! and WAYNIUM understood that.

My bills are generated Faster (just after the service in one click) payments are entered automatically and tracking for payment reminder is very Handy.

Mails, attachments, reminders are available with some formulas already written, we just have to send. This topic gives a more serious and professional image, and allows an instinctive bond of trust with our customers.

Customers have noticed a difference between before/after WAY-Plan. They respond to us faster, and in a positive way in general.

Our sales went up and our customer base went up.
Our partners have their mission records easily and quickly. Our employees are delighted to be able to use it easily on Mobilimo.

The support team is always present and welcoming.

They listen carefully to our needs and study them according to each of our peculiarities. They try to find the best solution to make our business evolve on a daily basis.

I recommend WAYNIUM regularly to our professional entourage. And those who opt for this software let us know that they regret not having used it before.

Many thanks to Lydia Chammakhi from for her testimony!

Since we use WAY-Plan, our sales revenue increase and our clients database too ! They confirm their bookings quickly and more positively.

Our staff is happy to use WAY-Plan, they find it modern and interactiv.