Transfert VIP is a driver service company whose headquarters is in Avignon, France.
Specializing in luxury, we want to stand out by providing a business class service and a permanent over-ranking to our customers. Our transportation is only by First Class vehicle.


What made you decide to step into WAY-Plan?

The need to evolve in an increasingly digital world and the need to save time in business management. Planning management is huge in the middle of the season.

After 1 year of use, which features do you enjoy the most today? Why?

Planning & dispatch management, creation of the customer orders, customer follow-up are the functionalities of the software that I appreciate most.

I also use the numerous tables of statistics that allow me a thorough analysis of my company and activity.

Have you saved time compared to your old way of managing your business?

A great YES because it allowed me to skip a gap in the evolution of my society.

What do you think are the advantages of WAY-Plan?

French logistics, reactivate because close to me.

When I need an answer to my questions or problems, the support of the WAY-Plan team is immediate and personalized because the society is on a human scale.

Do you recommend WAY-Plan to your colleagues?

YES of course.